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Watch Our Repeaters in Action

Watch the repeaters in action at theme parks!  Please press play on any of the videos below. Enjoy!

Looping repeater with continuously playing carousel music. (up to 6 songs). This is the Looping Repeater that sells for $365.00 with a weather-tight speaker that sells for $40.00. The volume, during this video taping, was set at mid volume. It is a 35 foot carousel.



This is the Single Channel Repeater with direct connect to start button that sells for $375.00. (You must purchase you own switch block for start button). Can be timed to the time of the ride for beginning and ending spiels. Add $40.00 for weather tight speaker. Total package price is $415.00.



Safety Spiel can be triggered with a photo-eye sensor. As the vehicle passes by the photo-eye, the safety spiel then begins. This unit is a 1 Channel Repeater in a water proof box ($395.00) that's triggered by a Photo Eye ($50.00) and two water proof speakers $20.00 + $40.00 ($60.00). Total price for this set up is $505.00.


This is the 2 Channel Repeater in a water proof box that sells for $395.00. You can play two different safety spiels. Two weather-tight speakers daisy chained to the repeater each $40.00 ($80.00). Total price is $475.00.


This is a four channel repeater for a go kart track that we've done several years ago. We can customize your repeater to include the name of your company and/or ride. These repeaters have a line output to connect directly to your existing amplifier and speakers. The cost of this repeater is $385.00. It comes with installation instructions.