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What's the difference between a Looping, a Single Channel, and a 4 Channel Repeater? 

I can understand your confusion and hopefully this will help…..Okay, you have three types of repeaters, Looping, Single Channel, and 4 Channel Repeater.

The Looping Repeater 

is just that, a repeater that continuously plays the same sound track over and over again. We can make it with a pause of silence and then repeat again or just continuously play a looping track with no pause. You can even have the looping repeater play several different spiels with a pause (silence) in between each soundtrack up to 8 minutes long before it repeats back to the first track again (food joints and Ticket booth specials). By the way, this is how the Carousel music looping repeater works.. It plays up to eight (8) minutes of carousel music and then reverts back to the first song.

The Single Track Repeater 

is a single track repeater that is triggered with a single push of a button. We can make it with a pause of silence and then continue to play. It will have only one soundtrack up to 8 minutes long. Great for kiddy rides. Just have your ride operator push the button when starting the ride or we can send you instructions to connect derectly to your start button on your ride. The soundtrack is timed to the mili-second (TC-Time Code). It will give the ending spiel automatically. This will leave your ride operator to mainly focus on the riders and ride controls. If your ride start button has a dry set of contacts (no power) on the start button block, you can connect the repeater derectly to the start button of the ride. This will guarantee that the safety spiel is always activated.

The 4 channel repeater 

Doesn’t have a power switch to turn on and walk away. It uses four independent push buttons to start a spiel. There is only one spiel per button. Each of the four spiels must be less than two minutes long.. If it’s a short spiel,(less than a minute), you can push that corresponding button two or three time to repeat that same spiel. But a word of caution, you would have to wait until that soundtrack is finished before you can play another track off of a different button.

All three units can be used for both rides and games. The looping repeater is like a barker; calling guest to buy food products, come play a game or ride a ride. F1 (first button) on a 4 channel repeater can do the same task. The only difference is that the operator would have to push the button a number of times he/she would want to call (barker) guests over to buy, play or ride. The remaining buttons, (F2, F3, F4) on a 4 channel repeater, can egg-on the patron. Here is how it works…. F1: calls the patron over to buy a food product, play the game, or ride the ride. F2: Buy a different food product, start of the game, or safety message for rides F3: Buy a different food product, Eggs on the patron during the game (“Come on! You can do it!”) or a safety message during a ride (“Remember, please remain seated during the course of your ride!” or “Your ride is coming to an end. Remain seated please with your seatbelt fastened”) F4: Buy a different food product, End of game (“Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!) Or ride (“It is now safe to exit. Thank you for riding”)

The Single button repeater is a little like both Looping and 4 Channel repeaters combined. It uses a single push of the button to activate. Like the Looping Repeater, it has only one track up to 8 minutes long. Like the 4 channel repeater, it can play the starting safety spiel, music and naration in the middle and end with an ending safety spiel. These repeaters have a wide variety of uses. We have built them for rides, games, ticket booths, and food carts. We have even built repeaters of sound effects on rides and games.

As for power, all three run off of a standard household 110 volt ac outlet or car battery (12 volts dc). All three repeaters have a 24 watt amplifier built-in and can drive a speaker (4 ohms max) and also connect to any amplifier for even a louder sound. It all depends on the application. Ticket booths and food joints are fine without an external amp. Even some of your small kiddy rides can use just the repeater and speaker itself. However, If your joint is next to a large ride or another joint that is very load, you may want to invest in a external amplifier and speakers. It’s totally up to you…. Just tell us how you want your repeater wired.


Is this for a game or a ride? 

Just let us know what it is for and we can come up with a spiel. We then e-mail you the sound track for your approval. Once we receive confirmation that you like what we created, we then burn it onto a 16 bit sound chip. We build the repeater and send the unit to you. These are plug and play units; very easy to work with. Connect the speaker(s) to the repeater and plug in the repeater into a 110volt outlet. You’re done. It's that simple. Let us know what you are planning on using the repeater for (Game or Ride) and we can come up with several spiels by just letting us to know the following…

If it’s a game:
• The name of the game
• How to play
• How much per play (optional)
• What kind of prizes do winners get
• Change up for a bigger prize

If it’s a ride:
• The name of the ride
• Height requirements
• Type of ride (roller coaster, dark ride, boat ride, ect.)
• Specifics of the ride (speed, how high, will you get wet?) - optional

Send us all information to: or call us at (865) 742-1394. You must purchase the system before we can get started on the recordings. Please proceed to the following link to purchase the system: