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Our custom recorded information repeaters have thousands of uses.  We can build a custom repeater for you.  These repeaters are widely used throughout the industry. We are known for our large, extensive library of sound effects. We can make any game, ride or even a food booth come alive.

Amusement Rides, Fairs, And Carnivals

Tired of repeating the same lines over and over again? With the rising costs of law suits of misinformed guests not knowing the rules of your ride, to guests not being able to understand your ride operator's speech can cause vast problems to attraction companies. A.C.Sound repeaters can help. We record the information you request and burn it onto a 16 bit sound chip for clarity. With A.C.Sound repeaters, the information will be broadcast the same way with no confusion or misleading lines. This way your guests can't say that they didn't know.

Ticket or Food Booths

How about a ticket or Food Booth repeater? Let your guests hear what specials you have as they wait in line. This would make your lines go a lot smoother and less repeated questions for your Ticket or Food Booth hosts.

Game Booths

Do you have employees that are too shy to talk into a microphone? A.C.Sound repeater can attract guests to your game booth. This is perfect for carnival style games.  Think of how happy your guest will be when they and the entire area hears "You're a winner!" These repeaters have been proven to draw customers to a game booth by 40%.  An A.C.Sound Repeater can be customized and timed to say "Come play the game and win a prize!"  rather than just seeing a worker effortlessly standing there.      

Trams & Tour Buses

Worried about mis-information?  Are your employees too shy to announce the safety spiels?  Our customized repeaters can easily fix that.  Here at A.C.Sound, we can set up a repeater to play automatically.  Everything that needs to be said will be stated every time.    

Dinner Shows

Sometimes it can be hard to get your message across to hundreds of excited customers.  With an A.C. Sound Repeater, we can get your announcements across regardless of the crowd size with a push of a button.  This way, none of your customers will be left behind when the intermission is over.  Another great use for it is in announcing sales.  It's an efficient way to remind your shopping customers that there are still a few DVD's left for purchase or that there's a sale on T-shirts.  It's an easy way to increase your profits, while spending little.